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Name: gl_ati_truform
Default value: "0"
Cvar flags: None
FTEQW Builds: OpenGL Renderer Minimal GL Build Merged Build Linux Build

FTE uses TRUFORM on models (player model, weapon models etc).

TRUFORM is ATI's technology for curving the polygonal surfaces of 3D models on the fly, making for more natural looking models in 3D games. Drawback is it's only supported by the ATI Radeon 8500 and later cards.

Note: gl_ati_truform 1 might not seem to not work at all at first, because ATi Catalyst drivers disable TRUFORM by default. You will need to enable TRUFORM to be able to use it in FTE. In the ATi Catalyst driver panel, you must go to the OpenGL properties (might be a "Custom" button) and change TRUFORM from "Always off" to "Application Preference".

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